Safety Measures

Please remember that any pool cover tends to warm up the pool’s upper water level if not circulated. On a hot summer’s day, the upper water level can rise to between 55º – 60º celcius. It is recommended that the pump should be on during the day time in order to ensure that the pool’s water circulates, e.g. 11h00 to 17h00 in summer, in winter the pump should be on for at least one hour during midday. It is essential that the temperature in the pool never exceeds 30º celcius. Before you jump into your pool, make sure that you first put the pump on, in order to mix the upper warm water level with the rest of the pool’s water. It is said that allowing your pool’s temperature to exceed 30º celcius, may cause harm to the fibre glass shell.

As we do not have any other alterntive in Namibia but to have a pool cover, we suggest that you set your pump’s timer to circulate the water during the hottest time of the day. Always ensure that the pool pump is in good working order, especially when you are away on holiday. A pool cover will ensure that your pool’s water stays beautifully blue and at the same level you left it when you went on holiday.

A pool cover will save on the costs of chemicals. You should check the pool’s water using a test kit before adding chemicals to the water.

Salt chlorinator systems, should be set on it’s lowest level when the pool is covered, otherwise the chlorine level will become too high and the pool’s fibreglass shell will be stained. During the winter months turn off the salt chlorinator, but leave the filter on.

No detergents should be used for cleaning the pool cover, not even dishwashing liquid and especially not bleaching agents. Do not use a brush, only a mop or soft cloth.

Should the pool cover be used as a Safety Cover for children and pets, always make sure that the hook nails connected to the cover’s eyelets are tightly fastened at all times into the hook plates connected to the paving around the edges. The eyelets are reinforced and should not tear easily. Remember, nothing on this earth is 100% safe, so always keep an eye on children and pets around the pool. Even the best designed car is not safe if driven by someone who cannot drive – don’t you agree?

When the pool cover is in use, it must always be in contact with the water. Make sure your pool’s water level is never lower than half of the skimmer box. That is, the pool cover should never hang over your pool without there being water in it. Another important factor is that your pool is cut and installed according to the it’s water level, which is usually half of the skimmer box. When the pool cover is in contact with the water it will not be under stress and will retain its best properties.

Should you ever have too much rain water on the pool cover, use a 2 meter length (20mm diameter) irrigation pipe and insert it into the suction pipe in your skimmer box, place the other end on the pool cover and suck the water off the top of the pool cover and back into your pool. If the pool is too full, first use the backwash operation to lower the level. Never leave rain water on the pool cover as a small child or pet could drown in it.

DO NOT attempt to open the Track-System pool cover when there is rain water on it. First suck the water off, as explained above, otherwise you will not be able to open the cover and you will only break the handle of the roll-up station. Please don’t even attempt it!