Pool Covers - Hook-in System

All pool shapes can becovered using this system.

Workmanship on the welding seams carries a 2 year warranty. The PVCcover should last up to 3 years or more in Namibia. The PVC fabricis especially more UV stabilized for Namibia’s harsh climate.

Should an eyelet be torn or the cover be damaged by your dog, it caneasily be repaired locally.

No water evaporation can occur when the pool cover is in use. Yousave electricity, time, maintenance, chlorine and most importantly WATER- adding to your “Get Water Wise Program” (repair dripping taps,don’t run water while brushing your teeth, etc.)

Huge savings on pool chemicals.

The cover is connected to the paving around your pool in such a way thatthe pool area becomes a safe area for children and pets.

No algae growth is possible as the cover is light impervious andconnected beyond the edges of the pool.

The cover also serves as a solar blanket.